LabMate is a desktop intelligent automation product created by Bioyond for various laboratory application scenarios. This platform features a modular design, combining our in-house developed robots with various instruments and devices to achieve automated, unattended assays.

LabMate can help scientists complete numerous manual experiments. This avoids potential errors from manual procedures, enhances the efficiency and consistency of repetitive tasks, and ensures the accuracy and precision of experiments during long periods of unattended assays. It ultimately yields vast amounts of experimental data, significantly shortens the research and development cycle, reduces development costs, and improves work efficiency.

LabMate Polar
The Labmate Polar Series Microplate Transfer Mate is a reliable assistant that balances speed and human-robot safety collaboration. Its optimized structural design maximizes bench space while providing ample microplate storage, enabling long-term care-free operation. The assistant features a rich set of device drive libraries for seamless integration with major automated instruments.
Dimensions400 × 610× 720 mm / 15.75 × 24 × 28.25 in (W, D, H)
Weight60kg / 132.3 lbsPower Supply110-220VAC, 50/60Hz
Microplate Capacity42 plates
Supported InstrumentsMicroplate readers, plate washers, liquid dispensers, automated incubators, high-content imaging systems, automated microscopes
Software FeaturesGraphical interface for quick programming of microplate routines
LabMate Gleam
The LabMate Gleam Series Liquid Handling Mate is based on the LabGenius G Series liquid handling robots, equipped with various worktable designs and functional modules, creating a standardized liquid handling assistant for laboratory applications. It supports routine liquid handling, pre-PCR sample processing, and mass spectrometry sample preparation.
Dimensions735 × 680 × 695 mm / 29 × 26.75 × 27.25 in (W, D, H)
Deck Slot12 + 4
Pipette Range1-1000 µLPipetting RepeatabilityCV < 6% @ 1 µL
Plate Transfer Speed5 seconds per transferTool ConfigurationPipettes or gripper module
Dispensing Speed16 seconds for high-speed filling of 96-well plates
Vision IntelligenceAI-based recognition and inspection of worktable materials
LabMate Horizon
The Labmate Horizon Series Liquid Handling Mate combines a liquid handling robot and a microplate transfer robot into a single product. It offers efficient, high-speed, and accurate liquid handling automation. The robot provides ample expansion slots in both horizontal and vertical directions for convenient extension of microplate storage and automated instruments.
Dimensions1300 × 650 × 780 mm / 51.25 × 25.5 × 30.75 in (W, D, H)
Weight180 kg / 396.8 lbsPower Supply110-220VAC, 50/60Hz
Microplate Capacity36 plates
Supported InstrumentsPositive pressure modules, PCR machines, incubators, high-content imaging systems, centrifuges, plate washers, liquid handlers, etc.
Software FeaturesGraphical interface for flexible programming of automated liquid handling workflows and parameters, with options for scheduling, automation, and real-time simulation.
LabMate Beacon
The Labmate Beacon Series Liquid Handling Mate is an advanced, integrated robot designed for high-throughput applications, combining microplate transfering and liquid handling capabilities with efficient storage solutions. It maximizes vertical space utilization, offering exceptional microplate storage capacity to enable long-term, care-free automation, and it occupies a smaller area compared to similar products.
Dimensions1084× 1070 × 2100 mm / 42.75 × 42.25 × 82.75 in (W, D, H)
Weight450 kg / 992.1 lbsPower Supply110-220VAC, 50/60Hz
Microplate Capacity186 plates
Supported InstrumentsPositive pressure modules, PCR machines, incubators, high-throughput handlers, centrifuges, liquid handlers, plate washers, etc.
Software FeaturesGraphical interface for flexible programming of automated liquid handling workflows and parameters, with options for scheduling, automation, and real-time high-throughput operation.


Modular Design
Supports various modules/instruments/devices, flexible workspace layout, quickly adapts to diverse applications
One-Button Start
Guided programming with a user-friendly interface, provides real-time experimental information, clear operation visibility
High Throughput Assay
The fully automated workflow boosts throughput, ensuring consistency and reliability, while an robust device network enables 24/7 unattended monitoring.
Open Platform
Utilizes a proprietary four-axis robotic arm to access more off-table space, interact with external devices, and expand functional applications